My Story

Let's be real, most people aren't going to live in the wilderness, off the land, away from civilization.  So how do you live in our modern society and still live green? Well, if you've ever wondered how you can live a sustainable lifestyle but you have no idea where to start, then this is the right place for you!  My name is Ron Lyons and, along with my wife, Margarita, we started Do Life Healthier out of our passion for living a sustainable lifestyle.  

Do Life Healthier was born out of our own desire to change our shopping habits in our home in order to be healthier and reduce our carbon footprint.  Before Do Life Healthier, we knew very little about living sustainably. As we began to research how to live more eco-friendly, we discovered there was an entire world of beautiful products that not only could save us money, but also reduce our carbon footprint. We were amazed of what eco friendly alternatives were out there yet we didn’t know about them.  We started telling friends & family about sustainable and plastic free products and so was born, Do Life Healthier. 

We believe there is a synergy between the energy we consume by putting food in our bodies, the energy we use to power our homes and the energy that surrounds us in nature. Only by understanding how this synergy coexists and what we can do to make it sustainable, will we then be able to truly live a healthier life.  We have an obligation to our generations to come, and that is to give them the opportunity to thrive on a planet that is full of life and opportunity.  But how do we achieve this when most of us are living in a society of overabundance and waste?  That's where Do Life Healthier comes in.  

Simply put, by making better choices with what we consume for food, home products and clean energy sources, we believe we can make the reality of a better, healthier future for our future generations come true. Reuse, recycle and reduce is a motto that we can all live by with simple choices in our shopping. 

Do Life Healthier brands include EkoVitam, which mean "Eco Life", Mr. Clean Energy for energy saving products, Lily & Loaf for the many benefits of organic essential oils and other brands that we have carefully selected to follow our standards of zero waste and sustainable living. We are adding products regularly so be sure to come back for more! 

Join me in building a community of sustainability.  Together let's make a difference and create a legacy for our future generations.  I hope you enjoy all of the beautiful, creative and eco-friendly products that I and my family have come to love. 

Check out the video below from our YouTube channel that talks about who we are and what we do. 

Ron Lyons